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Pink Panther

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Yves Glaunt, a famous French soccer coach, is murdered by a poison dart while celebrating a win, and his Pink Panther diamond ring is stolen. Chief Inspector Dreyfuss (Kevin Kline) is determined to win the prestigious Medal of Honour, having been nominated seven times previously without success. To achieve his dream, he devises the following plot. He will hire the most inept, useless detective in France to officially oversee the case, Meanwhile Dreyfuss, with his elite team, will work behind the scenes to crack the case. Thus Clouseau (Steve Martin) is brought into the case. He is assisted by the reliable Detective Ponton (Jean Reno), who has to report back to Dreyfuss. Clouseau is also ably assisted by his beautiful secretary Nicole (Emily Mortimer).

Clouseau has the unfortunate ability to create havoc wherever he goes and remain oblivious to it. This gets him into some dire and funny predicaments. His quest to catch the murderer leads him to America in pursuit of Glaunt's girlfriend (Beyonce Knowles). In order to blend in, Clouseau has voice training to learn American English. He has some trouble learning and is sent back in shame to France, where he's taken off the case. Clouseau, however, has other ideas.


Mild comic violence


This movie contains a lot of slapstick, cartoon-style violence. For example:

  • An old woman gets bowled over by Clouseau's blue light.
  • Clouseau opens his car door into a cyclist who is knocked off his bike.
  • Clouseau helps an old man in a wheelchair, but the wheelchair rolls backwards and crashes.
  • Clouseau knocks a huge globe off its stand, which then rolls out of the room, down a staircase, out onto the road and bowls over a large group of cyclists.
  • Clouseau demonstrates the use of a torture instrument to a suspect. He connects the wires (presumably) to his testicles, which causes him to scream in pain. His trousers continue to smoke for quite some time.
  • Clouseau gets his finger caught in a door - he hangs there for a while.
  • Clouseau tries to pull the Chief Inspector's face off, thinking it's a mask.
  • The Chief Inspector gets his coat caught in Clouseau's car and is dragged along behind it for some time. He is later shown bandaged and badly injured in hospital. Clouseau makes matters worse by trying to lower the bed. He climbs all over the injured inspector and accidentally releases the brake. This sends the bed flying out of the hospital window into the canal.

Violence is also depicted in two scenes that are not particularly funny. In an early scene Glaunt is killed by a poison dart. In another, Bizu, one of the soccer players, is shot dead.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

Children in this age group could be disturbed by some of the violent scenes described, particularly the murders of Glaunt and Bizu.

Over 8

Most children in this age group will probably not be disturbed by scenes in this movie.

Sexual references

  • As Clouseau helps Nicole down from a ladder, she lands facing him in a sitting position on his shoulders, with his face buried in her crotch.
  • Clouseau's face is in Nicole's bosom on another occasion.
  • In one scene, Nicole begins to choke so Clouseau grabs her from behind to help. Puton walks in the room and it looks as though they could be having sex.
  • Clouseau and Puton have to share a double bed in a motel room. They discuss the women in their lives.
  • Glaunt's girlfriend wears quite low-cut dresses and uses her sexuality to charm Clouseau.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances


Nudity and sexual activity


Product placement

McDonalds is featured in the movie.

Coarse language

This movie contains occasional mild coarse language.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Steve Martin gives an excellent performance as the bumbling and inept Inspector Clouseau. His interpretation of the character makes Clauseau personable and very funny. Pink Panther will appeal to older children and adults. As light entertainment, this movie has a very simple message - it doesn't pay to be devious.

You could point out to your child how violence is used for comic effect, and talk about how this kind of violence in real life would hurt people. You could also discuss the issue of sex being used to gain advantage.


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