How to foster the value of empathy in children

How to foster the value of empathy in children

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Empathy is a 'wise' value. Many thinkers agree that it is the 'value of values'. Without a doubt, it is an essential value that can be instilled and strengthened in children from an early age, and that will help them in relationships with others and in personal knowledge.

You, as a mother or father, can help your child to enhance empathy. We explain how. Write down all these tips to encourage empathy in children. From our site we promote the education of children in values ​​values: 12 months, 12 values.

Empathy is the ability to 'put yourself in the other's shoes'It is that emotional complicity, that possibility of capturing the feeling of another person to understand what he is like and what happens to him. Many thinkers believe that it is the greatest of all values.

Empathy is achieved by listening and observing a lot, and it is closely related to emotional intelligence. Someone with a lot of empathy is someone intelligent, capable of channeling their emotions and those of others. From our site we help you to promote the value of empathy in children. Use stories, poetry, and above all, your example. Here are some tools that can be very useful to you.

The fly and the spider: poem about empathy. We propose you to explain what empathy is to children through this short children's poem: The fly and the spider. It is important for children to learn to put themselves in the shoes of others, to be tolerant and respectful. You can explain it to him with this poem about empathy for children.

Empathy is not the same as sympathy. Dr. Brené Brown talks a lot about empathy and how we parents can transmit this value to our children. She explains how to teach children that empathy is not the same as sympathy.

Games to promote empathy. Empathy is a very important ability for their good social development, that is why we must teach it to children from an early age. In this article I propose various games and activities according to the child's ages, so that you can teach your children to empathize. Games and activities to promote empathy with children. How to make children learn to empathize at home and in class.

How to develop empathy in children. Empathic children are more communicative because they know how to express their emotions better and they have greater self-esteem because they feel more secure, therefore, it is very important that they learn to listen and be observers. Learn to be empathetic in childhood.

Teacher empathy, key in education. Being an empathic teacher is fundamental and it is that this value exerts a strong power over its students, motivates, stimulates them and is key to their academic development. This is also demonstrated by a Finnish study called "First Steps" and prepared by the University of Juväskylä and that of Turku, in Finland.

Empathy and generosity, two key values. If there are two typical values ​​of Christmas, those are empathy and generosity. It is an ideal time to teach children what they mean.

How to help children have empathy. How to introduce the value of empathy in your children's education. We tell you how you can make your child more empathetic. A recent study has found a way to get children to acquire more empathy. Empathy is the power and ability to put yourself in the place of the other, before judging him.

Educate in the value of empathy. Educate children on the value of empathy. How to educate children in values. The value of perseverance and empathy in the day to day of the family. The psychologist Alicia Banderas tells us how we can teach our children to put themselves in the place of the other, a capacity that will make them empathic and respectful of others.

Educate in empathy and perseverance. Many parents wonder how to educate their children in values. The psychologist Alicia Banderas gives us some advice In our current world it is essential to educate children in certain values ​​such as sociability or empathy, as well as perseverance and will.

Children's empathy for animals. The ability to put yourself in the place of the other should be a fundamental value in teaching children. This value has a name: empathy. There is an animated short, awarded for the ability to convey the meaning of this feeling in a few seconds. The short is titled The Orca Awareness Project and it also talks about the love of animals.

The horse and the ass: fable about empathy. Discover the moral behind the fable The Horse and the Donkey, an Aesop fable for children that you can read as a family. Fantastic fable with values ​​that speaks of solidarity with children.

Someone: story about empathy. 'Someone' is a beautiful children's story that will teach your child great values. This is a story for children about kindness, generosity, and empathy. A beautiful story, without a doubt, that helps us to reflect with children on the importance of nurturing basic values ​​in our day to day life.

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