The winning kangaroo. Modern children's fable about fair play

The winning kangaroo. Modern children's fable about fair play

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This modern fable, written by Maria O'Donnell, teaches children the importance of fair play. Winning is not the most important thing, but doing it legally and without cheating, and this is how it shows us The winning kangaroo.

Through this instructional story children can learn the negative consequences of using bad tricks to win: it creates enemies and makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Perfect for teaching cheating kids to play fair.

Everyone knows that kangaroos are jumping animals.

Also that many live in Australia.

But what hardly anyone has heard of is the jumping race that kangaroos do on the great red plain, once a year.

The Great Red Plain Show Jumping Race is the most important contest in a kangaroo's life. In her the group leader is elected until the next race.

Today is the day of the test and right now it is about to begin:

The eleven kangaroos better prepared they stand at the starting line and when the judge lowers the flag, the kangaroos start to bounce, raising a great dust cloud.

"Boing, boing, boing", the jumps of the participants make the whole plain rumble.

First, they all advance together, but little by little, five of the group separate, and then three are the most prominent.

Zascandil is leading. When the judge is not looking at him, he takes the opportunity to nudge and bite those who try to overtake him. They are closely followed by the kangaroo Palillo and Flopi.

Palillo is getting closer and closer to Zascandil, and just when it is going to happen to him, Zascandil puts the leg in front and makes him fall to the ground.

Flopi, who goes behind, stops and helps Palillo up.

- Are you okay?

- Yes, Flopi, but you shouldn't have stopped, so you won't win. Get back on track!

Flopi begins to jump and is approaching Zascandil, but there are a few meters left and he does not have time to reach him. Zascandil passes the finish line first.

Proud Zascandil raises his legs waiting for the applause and ovations, but the public that has seen what happened begins to boo him:

- Buhhh, get out, buhh, you cheated! Flopi winner! Flopi winner!

The judge approaches Flopi and places the medal on him, he is this year's champion, and therefore becomes the leader of the group.

Moral: It is not always the best athlete, who reaches the goal first.

If you want to find out if your child has understood this fable, you can ask these simple questions. With them you will be able to know if your child has good reading comprehension or not.

A good understanding of the text is one of the fundamental pillars of start reading.

- Where do kangaroos live?

- What did the kangaroos get when they won the race?

- How many kangaroos made it to the final?

- Who won the race?

- To whom did they hang the medal and why?

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