Essential ideas to create a play area for children

Essential ideas to create a play area for children

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Have you ever wondered if the space your child has to play with is the one that best suits his needs?

Play is the activity that we must provide to all children because it is from it that learning is achieved, especially in the early stages of life. neurological development.

For this reason, it is good to consider whether your play area is enabled in such a way that your child make the most of all the material available to you.

Discover three essential ideas for create a good play area for children

Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Put the games at your fingertips, and if it is not possible to reach all of them, put at your disposal an example of each type of game (building blocks, some dolls, a story, a puzzle ...). With this you will be able to enhance their autonomy when it comes to saying what they want to play, and in this way you will facilitate their desire to explore new leisure options, despite the fact that they always choose the same toys.

2. Provides a rug so that anything you want can be accommodated. Children like to change positions often and this includes stretching on the floor and rolling; move the legs and arms without having to be aware of sitting properly. In addition, they may want to remove their shoes and go barefoot around the house, either in hot or cold weather.

Incorporating a mat implies improving comfort and avoids the child having to be aware of his posture; so you can focus all your attention on the object you are using to let your imagination run wild.

3. From time to time, change the place assigned to each of the objects. This way you will get him to attend more to his range of toys, since if he always chooses the same ones, he will probably also always look to the same side of the room.

This trick is the same that they apply to us in the supermarket when things change places, since they force us to locate the product we want to buy again because it is no longer in the usual place. If in the supermarket they get us to notice other products that we did not see, now at home you can get your child look at other toys you already have, but for those who do not show enough interest to play with it.

Ask yourself: What does my child need to play? Like everything, the needs will vary depending on the type of game; if it is a movement game (as with the representation of any vehicle), the space will be greater. On the other hand, if what you need is to do a puzzle, you will need less space but more silence to be able to be more concentrated.

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