The selfishness of children

The selfishness of children

Children, especially those between the ages of 3 and 7, are always on the same page. How difficult it is to teach them to share their belongings and to realize that not everything is theirs.

War cries such as' Mama, Juan has taken my wrist! ', Or' Mama, Clara won't stop using my paintings! ', Wear out parents' patience and can destroy harmony between siblings and friends . Little words like me, mine, my, me, with me ... are always repeated. When can these impulses be controlled in children?

Surely you have had the opportunity to see how your child has carried his favorite toys on your trips to the park and you have verified that once there, the bucket, the shovel, the bucket have been parked in the sand (exercising the right to abandon them) ball or bicycle, and your little one has started to play of his own free will, a few steps away, with the neighbor's toys, while watching out of the corner of his eye that absolutely no one desecrates the temple of his possessions and, if so should it happen, do not hesitate to pull their ears or kick anyone who may dare, removing, consequently, the colors in the presence of all those present.

OMG! At this moment you will ask yourself where are the repeated occasions when you have encouraged him to share, to be generous, not to be attached to material things, not to be selfish, to think about others, to help those who do not have.

I don't know if it is to console me, but I like to think that this selfishness must be an important part of the development of his personality; Just as it is important for him to have his needs satisfied, to belong to a family, to think that his mother and father will always take care of him, so his objects are also very important, since they appreciate and identify with them; That is why they are capable of defending them tooth and nail, caring little for those around them.

With time, and with our dedication and patience, they will learn to establish borders, and those borders will be extended to others, as they learn values ​​such as resignation in favor of the best and acceptance of those around them. Meanwhile, we have to wait: smile, correct with joy, and think that our effort to educate them in generosity will bear fruit in the future.

Mirna Santos. Editor of our site

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