Dessert recipes to take advantage of leftovers

Dessert recipes to take advantage of leftovers

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World Recycling Day, which is celebrated on May 17, is a good occasion to teach children how to prepare a complete menu with very simple ingredients, taking advantage of other food scraps.

However, any occasion, such as family parties or Christmas is a perfect time to teach children that before throwing away food that is left over, we can prepare other delicious recipes with them.

If you have nougat left over from last Christmas, you have bought more bread than you are going to eat or you have a surplus of fruit at home, look at all the recipes that you can make so as not to throw away all these foods.

If you like these dessert recipes with leftovers, do not forget to look at other proposals on our site for a recycling menu.

Nougat ice cream. Nougat is one of the sweets that most characterize Christmas. If you want to offer it in a different way, try making it in ice cream. our site offers you a very simple recipe to make, step by step. Homemade recipe for a delicious nougat ice cream for children's Christmas.

French toast. Grandma's French torrijas recipe. The most traditional dessert of Easter, these granny torrijas have the best of simple and easy desserts, and an unforgettable flavor with the aroma of cinnamon and sugar.

Cupcakes. On the children's birthday we have to prepare a good party menu. An inexpensive and colorful recipe are the cupcakes, very fun for children.

Yogurt cake. Desserts like this yogurt and syrup cake are an easy option to make with children and a very economical recipe to use. Dessert recipes for kids

Muffins with pumpkin. Pumpkin muffins recipe with chocolate. our site offers us a step-by-step recipe for delicious, healthy and very nutritious muffins to sweeten your children's Halloween. Dare to try them!

Carrot pancakes. Snack time is one of the most important moments in children's eating, you can make this children's recipe for carrot pancakes, healthy and quick to prepare.

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