'Babies a la carte' are offered

'Babies a la carte' are offered

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For just over fourteen thousand euros you can order a "baby à la carte": A baby with the color of skin, eyes and hair, and the sex that the parents want. The technique was pioneering from a fertility clinic in Los Angeles, USA (Fertility Institutes, directed by Jeff Steinberg), where the birth of the first baby "made to measure" was already offered in 2010.

The technique used is similar to others that are already used in assisted reproduction, and it is the same that is used for the prevention of malformations or for the control of certain hereditary diseases, as is the case of some types of cancer, or fibrosis cystic. Only now the embryos are selected to get the "perfect baby" or "baby on demand".

The genetic preselection of embryos, in Spain, is only allowed for health reasons, so that the future baby can serve as a donor and cure other seriously ill babies, and not to determine your aesthetic features and sex.

Choosing a baby according to the aesthetics that the parents want is a reality and is already generating interest and controversy. What will they do with the unselected embryos? I mean those who are not selected for not offering the genetic profile of the desired baby.

When a selection of embryos is made, only those that have the desired characteristics are implanted in the mother's uterus. I also wonder if they are not promoting racial discrimination. Are we not allowing too much manipulation of human nature?

The result of a recent study applied to a sample of a thousand people, and carried out at the New York University School of Medicine, reveals that a 13% of respondents would be interested in using this technique to get smarter babies, and 10 percent would agree to use it to select the embryos that will be taller when they reach adulthood.

It is inevitable that the morality of this practice and the interests aroused will be questioned. The baby is not a product or a commodity that can be chosen according to the design and shape it presents. What do you think about that?

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