Pregnancy and childbirth in illustrations and drawings

Pregnancy and childbirth in illustrations and drawings

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Pregnancy and childbirth change the course of a woman's life. Multiple sensations arise within us and some women are lucky enough to find a way to express them. This has been the case for Glôria Vives, an illustrator, graduated in Fine Arts, who has managed to express her feelings, experiences and emotions in pregnancy and childbirth through drawing and illustration.

The entire collection of illustrations is collected in the book 40 weeks. Chronicle of a pregnancy With which many pregnant women and mothers will be able to feel identified in many moments and be surprised with a smile in each cartoon, because it has irony and humor.

How did the idea of ​​telling your pregnancy and delivery step by step through your drawings come about?
I've always used drawing to communicate with my people, but before I got pregnant I had the feeling that I didn't have anything important to say out loud. It was after taking an art therapy course and experiencing an abortion, when I connected with the deepest part of myself and was able to draw what was happening to me, without censorship. It helped me to overcome the abortion and assimilate doubts, fear, resignations ... The drawing accompanied me throughout the pregnancy and delivery, and continues to do so today.

Your drawings are between art and life itself. What are drawings for you?
For me, drawing is a way of expressing myself. I use it the same as verbal language or dance, it is another way of telling stories.

How did you come to the idea of ​​making your privacy public when thinking about publishing a book about conception, pregnancy and childbirth?
I didn't think about it, I just did. Now when someone reads the book in front of me, I do feel rushed in case the person feels embarrassed. It doesn't bother me, I suppose I also have something of an exhibitionist. In real life I also tell everything ... and the story is so beautiful that I can't cut it!

Do you think that many women can feel identified with what your drawings express?
Yes! Yes! Sure! I have seen many women reading it, and saying in a low voice "Oh ... yes! Ay ... it's true!"

What would you highlight from this graphic book?
That it is real, direct and open. That tells things that are not counted in not so personal books. And that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Your drawings are full of irony and humor, have you tried to make a caricature of motherhood?
No, really when you are pregnant there are situations that, or you take them with humor, or you would not stop crying. I have not intended to exaggerate, although I must admit that I add a lot of sauce to the stories I tell.

The book has continued on your blog along the same lines, what would you say to first-time parents who visit it?
It is a blog to share experiences. When you start raising a baby, everything becomes a mountain for you. In the blog you see that what happens to you, happens to everyone, but little by little things are put in their place. Postpartum is a beautiful time, but very hard, it is very good to feel accompanied.

What are the biggest difficulties faced by a new parenting couple?
Doubts, everything generates insecurity: Will this be okay? Do I do it like this? Will this be normal? And sometimes you have to add an environment that messes you even more: "You don't do this well", "This child is hungry", "You get used to it badly", etc.

How can motherhood be reconciled with daily life?
I am balancing to find time for everything. But, in the end, I ended up giving up a piece of myself, a piece of my partner, a piece of my friends, a piece of my house ... but I love the life that I have made !! !

Are you planning to make a new book about your experience as a mother?
I have thought of the drawings, I hope I have time to do them and that someone wants to edit them.

Have you ever wondered what your daughter will think when she sees everything you have created in relation to her birth?
Not much, but I loved it when my parents told me the story of how I was born. It's just a different way of telling it. The first time he saw the book it was curious because he quickly understood that it was something very his, he took it and did not let anyone see it. We had the book fresh from the oven and we couldn't see it until he went to sleep.

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