The lack of kisses and hugs to our children marks them for life

The lack of kisses and hugs to our children marks them for life

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Some parents tirelessly chase our children to kiss, rock, hug or hug them, we can't help it. Others find it difficult to express feelings both physically and verbally.

Maybe you are not a very loving mom or dad, maybe you have a hard time giving hugs and kisses to your children, maybe you have never considered how important they are. Well it's time to start changing that A recent study reveals that the lack of hugs and kisses in our children leaves a mark on their genes for life.

This is the first human study to show that the simple act of hugging and kissing our children has deep-seated consequences for life in their genetic expression.

According to recent research conducted by the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Children's Hospital Research Institute, published in the journal Development and Psychopathology on November 27, 2017, states that the lack of kisses marks the children.

This study concluded that the amount of close contact between babies and their parents or caregivers can affect children on a molecular level. It also showed that children who had been more distressed when they were babies and had received less caresses, hugs or kisses, had a underdeveloped molecular profile for your ageThis led the researchers to think that they could be lagging behind other babies on a biological level.

To test this, the researchers studied 94 healthy children, the experts asked parents to keep a behavior diary from 5 weeks of age, that is, record how much they slept, if they cried a lot or little or how their baby was being feeding. When he was four and a half years old, his DNA samples were taken. What he observed were differences between babies who had received high contact and those who had received little contact. The latter had a genetic age less than their real age, that is, a biological immaturity.

Researchers will continue to study these children to learn more about the impact of lack of hugs and kisses on children's health.

- Kisses and hugs from the moment the baby is born strengthens the bond and attachment between parents and children.

- Physical contact and affection activate endorphins, hormones that increase the feeling of well-being and happiness and ward off anxiety or discomfort.

- Hugging and kissing our children is highly beneficial because it gives them an enormous sense of security and confidence, it makes them more confident in themselves.

- Strengthens the child's self-esteem.

- Activates a neurochemical response in the brain that leads to the organization of the brain systems responsible for emotional, behavioral, social and physiological functions.

- They cause an impact in the short, medium and long term. Constant physical contact from the first years of the baby's life impacts on the constitution of his personality and his way of being for life.

- They help to calm and calm children and babies if they are in a state of anxiety, tantrum or anger.

- Promotes the development of their emotional intelligence.

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