A pinwheel. Children's crafts

A pinwheel. Children's crafts

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Children love Crafts, and parents love to see their children entertain themselves by putting all their fun and imagination to work. Without a doubt, it is the best pastime to have a good time with the family.

It is a very fun and simple craft. To assemble a pinwheel, although it seems very simple to do, children should always have the help and supervision of their elders.

  • Cardstock of any color
  • A pin and a pencil
  • A rule
  • Pair of scissors
  • An eraser
  • Glue for paper
  • A small button
  • A straw

1- Draw on the cardboard a square with a side 15 cm as shown in the photo.

2- Cut out the square and draw a line, with the help of a ruler, the two diagonals, up to the middle, that is, without the lines reaching the central part of the square.

3- Cut the four diagonals along the lines previously drawn. Remember that you cannot get to the center.

4- Of the eight points that the square now has, we must join four points in the center of the square, gluing them with white glue to the center. Likewise, the grinder must be punctured in the center with the pin, and from behind, it must be fixed to the straw, putting a button in the middle so that the grinder can rotate freely. To avoid punctures, it is convenient to place an eraser on the tip of the pin.

5- The grinder is now ready to turn! Now it only remains to go out into the street in search of the wind that can turn the pinwheel. If it is not windy, it will be enough to release a little bit of breath or the air from a hair dryer itself. Another option is to hang the grinder in the window, or in a pot of some plant. What fun it is to see how the wind turns the pinwheel !!

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