Table Rules for ADHD Children

Table Rules for ADHD Children

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Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Deficit is a neurobiological disorder that originates in childhood and involves a pattern of attention deficit, hyperactivity and / or impulsivity. In addition, it is often associated with other types of disorders.

Children with ADHD show difficulties in controlling and managing their attitude at the table at any meal of the day. Therefore, on our site we give you a series of table rules for ADHD kids, are guidelines for achieving good manners.

The symptoms of ADHD are independent of each other. That is, not all children with the disorder present the same symptoms or manifest them with the same intensity. Thus we can find a diagnosis of ADHD where:

- Inattention predominates. The prevalent behavior is attention deficit. It is more common among girls.

- Hyperactivity / impulsivity predominates. The prevalent behavior is hyperactivity and / or impulsivity.

- Combination of attention deficit and hyperactivity / impulsivity. The three core symptoms are present: attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity)

No matter what symptoms the little one shows, we can find that, for example:

- The child who suffers from attention deficit is usually distracted and you forget that you are at the table to eat.

- While the child with symptoms of hyperactivity will find it hard to stay still in front of the plate.

Regardless of the symptoms that children present and their diagnosis, these behaviors at the table will be difficult to avoid, but some recommendations can be followed to help focus children in these situations.

No one is born knowing how to be a father or mother. It is something that you learn as you go through trial and error. This implies a lot of time, dedication and patience that multiplies in the event that the child suffers from ADHD. Parents must learn and carry out strategies that help children regulate and control themselves. To do this, they must focus on:

- Control the environment based on habits, routines, plans, schedules and rules that give safety to the child.

- The use of posters, photos, drawings and all kinds of elements that make the information that reaches the child explicit and clear.

- Teach children to think aloud, follow self-instructions, etc. This dedication makes parents the most important factor in reducing the impact of this disorder.

- Be an example. A good measure to improve the behavior of the child with ADHD at the table is to be an example for the children. If you want them to eat a variety and quantity suitable for their development, you have to show them and do it. The child with ADHD cannot be required to eat foods that parents do not eat or to have behaviors around the table that adults do not comply with.

- Eat as a family. It can be a great motivation for the child. It also strengthens his family bond and shows him that nothing is required of him, nothing that is not required of another member of his family.

- A moment of relaxation. It is advisable not to constantly scold him or ask him to be still. The more nervous you are, the more difficult it is for you to focus on food.

- Create eating habits. If possible, eat 5 meals a day and respect the schedules and rules around the table. Their diet must be varied and provide adequate nutrients for their development.

- Reinforce progress. Self-esteem in children with ADHD is very important, especially in those with attention deficit. Even if the child makes a minimum advance, if today he has been able to sit longer or has eaten something else, make him see it as an achievement.

- Patience and perseverance. You have to be patient with these children. Do not forget that they suffer from a disorder that causes them to act that way. A hyperactive child will not be able to sit still during mealtime. A child with an attention deficit is distracted by just about anything. But, this does not mean that we must stop being firm and constant in the strategies around the table. The child with ADHD must be clear that there are established rules that must be met and that they do not change every day as appropriate.

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