The best plans with children at Christmas

The best plans with children at Christmas

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Are children who enjoy Christmas the most and it is the children who have the most free time on these dates. It is the time that often means that we do not know how to take advantage of these moments with our children when in reality we should dedicate all efforts to maintain the illusion and magic of Christmas.

So we have proposed that this Christmas is the most special for our children, but also for us, with the best Christmas plans to do as a family. Plans in which children and adults alike will participate with a single objective: to enjoy the best Christmas.

We tend to think that the illusion of children at Christmas is fed by giftsThe more the merrier, on the part of Santa Claus and the Magi. But it is a wrong idea, because the magic of Christmas is found in the simplest things, you just have to dedicate a little time so that the memory of this Christmas remains forever.

- The starting gun of Christmas is marked by the Christmas decoration of the house. Whether it be a Christmas tree, a nativity scene or both, children can actively participate in the decoration of the house to soak up all the legends of Christmas.

- It does not hurt to accompany the afternoons you dedicate to placing the Nativity Scene with children's Christmas stories. And if you also choose make the decorations yourself, you have a few guaranteed afternoons of fun, laughter and entertainment.

- If you plan Christmas in advance and you already know where you are going to spend the holidays and with whom, you can prepare a small Christmas theatrical performance. Your children will have a great time rehearsing a performance which may include the other children in the family.

- For those cold days when you cannot even leave the house, it is convenient to recover the old family games. Incredibly, there was a time when there was no internet, no game consoles, not even television. And traditional games are a good way to get everyone in the family involved.

- If time permits, you can take your children to one of the Christmas markets that are set up around this time in all cities. Some of them are solidarity markets, which is a good time to instill in your children some values ​​such as solidarity and cooperation.

- And for when you run out of ideas, Christmas is full of children's movie premieres. An afternoon of movies and popcorn always works to keep your kids smiling.

Laura Velez. Collaborator of Children's Guide.

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