Children have everything: is that good?

Children have everything: is that good?

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I think that many parents will agree that children should not be given everything they ask for, and yet we all fall into the error of giving in to requests that in principle we do not believe are appropriate because our child is no less than the neighbor's child. Today we say, by way of complaint, that children now have everything, but should they have it?

Social pressure, comparatives, growing consumerism ... can condition our response, since it is very difficult to go against the tide of trends. I, like most parents, can give a thousand examples of this. About a month ago, my eldest son lost his first tooth and the mouse Pérez brought him a coin (2 euros), just like the rest of his brothers who have lost a tooth. My daughter, somewhat malicious, did not hesitate to push for the Pérez Mouse not to be "so mean" saying: "... well, my friend José has brought him a 20 euro bill".

How much is the amount established for the Pérez Mouse to have a small detail with the child in exchange for his tooth? Should it be in proportion to the size of the tooth? Or the older the child or the size of the tooth, should the Rockefeller Mouse (Pérez's rich cousin) come in more good?

It seems to me that few children settle for small detailsThey have much greater, even limitless ambitions. If my friend has brought candy to school for his birthday, I want to bring a bag of sweets and a toy, if my friend invites the whole class, we must also reciprocate and even contribute something more and more expensive that leaves us above.

Do children enjoy more or are they better with excesses? A simpler celebration, outdoors or in which the parents get involved in their games, can be more fun and original for them. Not everything is built on money! Personally, I think it is very healthy, to have some austerity and moderation in our expenses, although financially we can afford to give them much more.

We must be clear about what the priorities are, what really matters. It is better that we spend our money on getting our child a good education or training than on indulging his latest fad or indulging in an inordinate spending loop. Generally, we are the parents themselves who generate those superfluous needs of our children, we turn children into capricious and consumerists.

Austerity and control in our expenses, It will make children more moderate, that they know how to appreciate the small details, that they value effort and saving, that they have greater satisfaction when they obtain something very desired or special for them ... because "the one who has the most is not richer but the one who needs the least ".

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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