Romance of birth. Christmas poem for children

Romance of birth. Christmas poem for children

Saint John of the Cross wrote this beautiful poem about the Birth of Christ in the 16th century.

A poem about the Virgin and her son perfect to recite at Christmas parties to children and surround us with a more Christmas and spiritual atmosphere.

Since the time had come

in which of be born there was,

as well as betrothed

from his thalamus came out,

embraced with his wife,

that carried her in his arms,

to whom the gracious mother

in his manger he put,

among some animals

that at that time there were,

the men said songs,

the melody angels,

celebrating the betrothal

that between such two there were,

but god in the manger

there cried and moaned,

which were jewels that the wife

to the betrothal he brought,

and the mother was in awe

that such barter saw:

the cry of man in God,

and joy in man,

which of one and the other

so alien to be used to.

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