The bowling excursion. Modern fable for children

The bowling excursion. Modern fable for children

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Bowling Mouse wants to go to a picnicBut he has a problem: he must finish his homework before he can go, he had promised his father.

Discover through this new fable for children that he has written to us Maria O'Donnel, the adventures of Bowling With his duties.

Surely more than one will feel identified!

The Roqui turtle and the bowling mouse they found themselves next to the great crab apple tree.

- Are you coming to the five o'clock excursion? - Roqui asked Boliche.

- Only if I finish my homework. It's the deal I've made with my father.

- It will be great fun, we will go through the forest, we will bathe in the river, we will make cabins with ferns ...

Boliche really wanted to go, but for that he had to finish your homework. "A deal is a deal" he thought very seriously, and went to his room to study.

But once there, he distracted himself by ordering the table, sharpening the pencils and placing the chair and the lamp.

He still hadn't opened the addition notebook when it occurred to him to go find some flowers to make his room more cheerful. Bowling went out to the field and he brought daisies, dandelions and poppies. Later, he put them in little vases with water.

- That's it, now I'll get to work! - He thought - but ... wouldn't it be better to have something before? And so he went to the kitchen and made some carrots, a few stems and a few mushrooms.

After eating, Boliche entered dream and he said to himself: - Now I will sleep a little, to be rested and to think better about the sums.

When Boliche woke up from his nap, he did some exercises to stretch, he went to wash his face, drink a little water, and gnaw a piece of root ... Little by little, time had run out, until they gave five o'clock on the clock at the entrance of his house.

- Oh no, five o'clock! - Said the little mouse - I haven't even started the sums! If I had done them first, now I would be free to go hiking.

Moral: Do first what you must and then what you want.

The child, from the age of six, must be able to read the text correctly, but also to understand it. The reading comprehension It is part of learning to read, and it is a very important part of developing your mind.

Reading comprehension exercises will help you to know if your child has understood the fable and its moral.

Answer these simple questions to see if you have understood the text:

- Where was the Roqui turtle?

- Why couldn't Bowling Mouse go on the excursion?

- Why do you think the mouse was distracted from its task?

- What would you do in the Bowling mouse situation?

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