How Parents Can Interact With Their Premature Babies

How Parents Can Interact With Their Premature Babies

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Many of the behavioral problems presented by children born prematurely could be avoided if parents were guided to better understand their children and interact with them. This is what reveals and defends a new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, in which researchers in Norway piloted a program to help parents of premature babies.

We tell you how parents can interact with their premature babies.

According to the researchers, babies born prematurely tend to have higher rates of behavior problems, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, when they reach school age. By offering their parents some help to better understand and to interact With them, from birth, Norwegian researchers believe that this can make a difference in the behavior of premature children when they have to go to school.

In general, premature children are often more irritableThey offer less eye contact and parents find it more difficult to interact with them. They are babies who show subtle signs of stress, nervous movements and increased respiratory rate. In the study, parents of 146 premature children were selected, who were born with less than 2 kilos. They also selected parents of 75 full-term children for comparison.

In addition to helping parents interact with their babies while they were still in the hospital, the program included four visits to the home of a nurse over 3 months. The nurses trained the parents in things like “reading” their children's signals and interacting with their babies through play. At the age of five years, the study found that children whose parents had followed the program showed fewer behavioral problems such as inattention, aggressive behavior or withdrawn behavior.

With just 12 hours of education, parents gained not only knowledge but also confidence in interacting with their babies. I wish all the nurses, as well as the doctors, would spend a little time in educate parents in difficult situations such as premature births. When parents know about their child's problem, they feel more confident and in control in treating and solving the problem. And to think that until recently, you couldn't even see premature babies in the incubator.

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