Exercises to lengthen the lingual frenulum of children

Exercises to lengthen the lingual frenulum of children

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The frenulum, It is a membrane under the tongue, which is sometimes shorter than it should be. In these cases, the frenulum prevents the tongue from moving correctly, making it difficult for the child to speak and even swallow.

This problem, if it is not very marked, can be sort out with some exercises that we can do at home to lengthen the lingual frenulum.

The training that are made so that the lingual frenulum is as long as possible (necessary only if its size makes it difficult to swallow or speak well) are easier to do than they seem and can be very fun, so there is no excuse to try making them from home.

These exercises can be practiced from the moment the girl or boy already has a certain awareness of the parts out of your mouth and can do things like have yogurt or brush your teeth without help from mom or dad.

For the exercise to be effective need:

  1. Tip of the tongue touching behind the upper teeth.
  2. Hook most of the tongue on the palate.
  3. Open your mouth as much as we can while maintaining conditions 1 and 2.

Doing this exercise they leave funny noises, and the more we open our mouths the louder they will come out (since the cheeks act as a sounding board).

The idea is hold position just before the sound comes out or the tongue drops. The ideal is hold on for a few seconds and rest. The longer we hold out before the tongue disengages, the more exercise we will be doing.

The exercise The most popular and best understood is to make the noise of the galloping horse. The horse begins to gallop and after a while it gets tired and slows down, so that each time the tongue needs to be attached to the palate for a longer time so that the horse can continue moving but at a slower pace.

To increase the difficulty and when you have mastered the horse game, you can stop time and stay frozen, on the condition that it is just before the tongue makes the noise. Count on the fingers of your hands (not to speak) and try to increase the difficulty by lengthening more and more the time in which you are still and with the tongue hooked up.

Another important condition to bear in mind: when we return to normality and stop being frozen, the first thing we should hear is the noise of the horse.

Start practicing and see how the language reaches you higher and higher! This means that the lingual frenulum gradually lengthens.

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