The Sandcastle. Children's poems that tell stories

The Sandcastle. Children's poems that tell stories

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We usually buy prose stories for children and few stories in verse, however, poetry is an excellent vehicle for children's learning.

From our site we suggest you read to your children those children's poems that tell stories, they are stories in verse that tell funny, entertaining or original facts. We introduce you, The Sand Castle, an original short poem written by Marisa Alonso Santamaría in which the children will discover throughout the verses how a castle is made with sand and what can happen to it.

With the bucket and with the shovel,

in the sand he makes a castle,

the sea looks towards the shore

seeing the little daring.

With determination he builds a tower,

later a great passage,

when noon comes

It has a drawbridge.

Arriving in the middle of the afternoon,

ends a great wall,

circles around,

waging a great battle.

In the middle of the fray,

a wave hits hard,

and the story and the fortress,

in just a moment it ravages.

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