The egg technique for children who do not want to wear a seat belt

The egg technique for children who do not want to wear a seat belt

In the XXI century there are still many who see instrap oneself in a real torture.

Even today 23% of the dead who leave the roads were not wearing a seat belt, and in the case of children they represent thefirst cause of death between the first year of life and 14 years. That's why we explainhow to apply the egg technique for children who do not want to wear a seat belt in the car.

The parents we are responsible that our children are correctly in their chairs, but many times thechildren's refusal Putting on a seat belt makes parents give up their efforts, especially when they are traveling over short distances.

It has been proven that it is in these short distances when more accidents occur, and therefore, in addition tolead by example, we must make our children aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt in the car even if it is to travel a few meters.

Traffic accidents are the most frequent cause ofmultiple injuries and mortality in children, and the use of child safety devices would prevent 75% of deaths.

Children learn fundamentally by imitating the behaviors of their parents, so we ourselves are the first to raise awareness and always buckle up.

But, they often do not understand how a simple belt can save their life, they do not even see the potential risk. If your son is one of those you don't want to wear a seat belt in the car, nothing better than to tell you oneshocking story in order to make their crazy little heads see clearly the importance of this simple gesture.

The egg technique it is nothing more than telling a story that children can understand very easily, and you can even put it into practice by picking up an egg and a shoebox.

The story of the egg in the shoebox

- What happens if we take a shoe box, we put aegg inside loose, and we shake the box around? Obviously when we open the box we will find an egg omelette with shells everywhere.

- And, what happens if inside the box we put the egg in a corner and tie it to the corners of the box with a tape? When moving the box the egg will barely move from its place.

- So what would happen if we put a person inside a car without being restrained by anything and we move the car and give it several laps? When we open the car we will find one meat omelette, bones and blood.

This which may seem too shocking to tell a child, is actually the key tothe child is surprised and visualize within yourself what might actually happen if you don't buckle up.

Not wearing a belt is not something fun like breaking an egg in a box, but something in which your body and your life is involved, and that is how we must make it appear to them, however shocking it may seemhis life is about it.

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