Buying toys is not a game

Buying toys is not a game

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Many parents are aware of the role of toys in children's education and even some are proud to say that they only buy and give away educational toys. However, offering children only these types of toys is a mistake because diversity lies in success. We explain why buying toys is not a game.

Toys are not just an instrument to fill leisure time of our children, they also have fun and make them happy, help them to develop and learn, and promote child development in all its facets. Some develop their movements, others outdoor activities, some they serve to think and others to promote the development of activities related to the school context.

What's more, we must respect the child's taste and encourage their leisure time because children need to play. Play helps them to mature, to experiment, to assimilate knowledge and to connect with the other, which allows them to express their desires and concerns, which they cannot or do not know how to transform into words, and which find a way out through the game. The selection of toys is always a difficult decision for parents. There is a great diversity of toys on the market and strong advertising campaigns aimed at children for Christmas, which influence both them and us.

So, if this year you want your choice of toys to be the right one, choose toys close to the child's world, that allow him to develop his imagination, that are appropriate for his age and propose a interesting activity for your taste because if it is boring or not attractive enough for him he will soon abandon it and replace it with another.

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