Contractions and breastfeeding

Contractions and breastfeeding

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Have you gotten pregnant while breastfeeding your "older" child? !! Congratulations!! That's the only thing you should listen to, since breastfeeding while pregnant does not pose a risk to the new pregnancy, nor to the mother, nor of course to the older child.

We tell you everything you need to know about contractions and breastfeeding to end some popular myths.

This is one of the great taboo subjects, and the one that has the most disagreements, among society in general, and also among health professionals. However, based on the scientific literature, there are no proven risks of breastfeeding a baby while pregnant. Neither increased risk of miscarriage, nor increased risk of premature birth, nor any other risk.

As the pregnancy progresses you may start to feel contractions during breastfeeding. These contractions are usually not painful, but you do notice that your belly becomes hard and it can be a somewhat uncomfortable sensation. In most cases, contractions disappear completely within a few minutes of stopping breastfeeding, and they do not pose any added risk to pregnancy, nor do they make you dilate, nor do they bother the baby in utero.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if these contractions continue for a while, even though you are not at that moment breastfeeding your child, you should take the same ones. precautions than any other pregnant woman who experiences contractions prematurelyLie on your side or try to relax, and see if the contractions go away in a few minutes. If these contractions continue, it is a healthcare professional who must assess whether there is a real risk of premature birth.

If there is a real threat of premature labor, and when you breastfeed you have contractions, perhaps it would be advisable to reduce the feedings to the maximum or even wean; in the same way that it is recommended not to have sexual intercourse in these cases. However, if pregnancy does not present any risk, there is no contraindication to breastfeeding your child, or to have sexual intercourse, even if during the act (during breastfeeding or during sexual intercourse) you have contractions, since they spontaneously yield to Finalize.

And what happens at the end of the pregnancy, when my baby is ready to be born? Can I "trigger" labor if I breastfeed my other child? Well, the same thing happens: normally during the feedings you can feel contractions, a sign that you are secreting more oxytocin, however they are mild contractions that will not cause labor. It will be your body when it is ready that takes advantage of that oxytocin to begin to dilate. Meanwhile, these contractions will not produce any changes in the cervix.

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