A child with learning disabilities does not lack intelligence

A child with learning disabilities does not lack intelligence

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How do I know if my child has learning problems? Is my son not smart? Children with learning disabilities do not lack intelligence. What differentiates them from others is that they cannot do the same as other children with the same level of intelligence. This problem is one of the reasons why they can take a child to a school failure, and many parents to great concern and disappointment.

One in 10 school-age children has problems assimilating new concepts; But I don't mean that he has difficulty learning to multiply, to read correctly, or to perform another specific task. A child with learning disabilities struggles to grasp, process, and master tasks as well as all the information, to later develop them. It is important to identify, observe and treat learning problems because otherwise children will have difficulties in their school performance and in their relationships with other children, which may affect your self-esteem.

The treatment of this problem must begin with a good diagnosis, from the attention and collaboration of parents and teachers, with psychologists. From there, some means and situations will be recommended in which they should place the child, at school and at home. There are some signs parents can watch out for when it comes to identifying a learning problem in children, from the age of 5.

- When the child has difficulty understanding and following instructions correctly

- When there is a problem to remember what has just been said

- When the child does not master basic skills reading, writing and math

- When can't distinguish right from left, and confuses numbers like 25 and the 52, or the letters b with the d, Y the with the you

- When the child lacks coordination when walking, play sports, or even tie a shoelace, or hold a pencil well

- When usually lose or misplace easily books and school supplies

- When has trouble understanding the timeline and place yourself in yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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