Games to develop spatial intelligence in children

Games to develop spatial intelligence in children

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Do you know what spatial intelligence is? The one that allows us to orient ourselves and create 'maps' in our head. It is a very useful skill, which of course can be enhanced from a young age.

We give you some tips to enhance spatial intelligence in your child. Record these games to develop spatial intelligence in children.

In educational centers, today, there are varied proposals to stimulate the child in different aspects. One of them, known worldwide and with a great reception in early childhood education, is Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in which he states that each of us has, to a greater or lesser extent, eight intelligences or capacities.

This theory has generated much controversy, since there are those who insist that the definition of intelligence cannot be adapted to those given by Gardner, that it is not a consistent theory, etc.

Nevertheless, It is a theory that offers us the possibility of offering the smallest multiple options to develop their learning. Perhaps the nomenclature (intelligences vs. capacities) is not as important as the possibility of bringing children together with globalized, varied and diverse learning that helps them grow in all areas.

This time we will focus on spatial intelligence, which is the one that allows us to create mental maps, solving spatial problems, orientation in space, seeing objects from different angles ...

The people that have highly developed spatial intelligence They are especially good at drawing, puzzles, mazes, and other visual games, prefer geometry to algebra, and also prefer illustrated readings.

If we consider this intelligence, not only as a capacity but as a way of learning any content, we must offer more visual options, with images, manipulative games, and draw, design or visualize ...

From home: Families can help their children's development of this intelligence through:

- Puzzles

- Stringable

- Viewing of films and works of art

- Construction games

- Plastic arts (plasticine, waxes) etc. and any recycled material that allows the child to develop imagination and creativity.

All those materials that involve spatial orientation, directions or distances are suitable for the development of this capacity.

In higher grades, such as the second cycle of early childhood education and primary education, and of course in institutes, programming and robotics are used so that students work, with truly positive results.

Adela Martín and Natalia Torres

Psychopedagogues of Nemomarlin Infant Schools and Coordinators Proyectos Cero6

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