Benefits of playing tangram for children

Benefits of playing tangram for children

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Tangram is an ancient Chinese game that consists of forming shapes of animals or things from geometric figures: squares, parallelograms and triangles. In short, it is a puzzle that, according to the experts, improves the intellectual performance of the user, whether adult or child.

The exact origin of the game is unknown, but legend has it that a servant of an ancient Chinese emperor carried a ceramic mosaic in his hands and it fell to the ground, breaking into pieces. The servant tried to fix it and could not, but found that he could form other shapes with the pieces. This game for children and adults is very beneficial for children. Learn about the advantages of playing tangram for children.

There are many and varied ways to play with the tangram: forming invented figures, following patterns to recreate established figures, using few or larger pieces,

1. Improve mathematical knowledge: Children learn geometry concepts without realizing it, they know the different figures such as the rhomboid or the triangle. It even improves the ability of spatial conception and learning in mathematics in general.

2. Promotes fine motor skills: Another benefit of playing tangram for children is that it improves their motor skills because children have to join some pieces with others.

3. Improves visuospatial capacity: We can use the tangram to form two figures and make the child think about where they would look if we rotate them, it is a mental rotation task that improves the child's visual and spatial capacity.

4. Develop logic skills: It encourages children to improve their capacity for deduction and logic, since they have to face solving a problem, which is ultimately how to form a certain shape with a series of geometric figures.

5. Improve the child's attention: To be solved, the tangram needs high doses of concentration. The child has to pay attention to put each figure in its place.

6. Stimulates the child's creativity: The tangram allows the child himself to create a shape from triangles or parallelograms, therefore, he can exercise his fantasy to create his own design.

7. Promotes the capacity for effort: the child has to achieve his goal, which is to assemble the puzzle, he has to work to achieve it and for this he will need to make an effort.

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