When stress makes you an angry mother

When stress makes you an angry mother

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The day to day of many mothers becomes a fight: patience on one side of the ring, anger on the other. Sadly, treacherous stress is often paired with anger, and patience ends in a k.o. brutal.

This, which seems like gibberish, is nothing more than the daily struggle that we live to be the best mothers. We want to be that mother who does not scream, who faces conflicts calmly, who is serene and also applies the best solution in each case. Nevertheless, Stress often makes us be that angry mother who screams and also gives too many orders.

None of us want to be that angry and grumpy mother. Every morning we get up and set the counter to 0, breathe and decide that today is going to be that day when everything will turn out great, we will control the situation and we will have a lot of patience. What happens to those self-promises? They go out the window at the first change, just when one of your children has thrown his toast on the floor, the other has not picked up his room, you still have 2 washing machines to put, an intense day of work awaits you and also, to top it all , you have argued with your partner.

Probably not every day is an absolute disaster, nor every day we have a chard face that reaches our feet, we are also those funny moms who do silly things to make children laugh, moms who teach their children exciting things, who transmit love and affection and who know how to listen and understand them like no one else.

But, there are days, those days ... when anger dominates us, we say phrases to the children that it would be better for us to have bit our tongue and we end up punishing the child who did not open his mouth, just because he was passing by. That, in the end, leads us to live with frustration, we want to be cool moms and we end up being angry moms.

Less frustration that we already have a culprit in the room ... stress! That state of mental and physical exhaustion that haunts us everywhere, that sometimes we impose ourselves on ourselves and sometimes they throw it on us.

When we perform well above our means, and we do this day after day, how are we going to have the patience to be a great mother. It is too heavy a burden. However, I am convinced of two things:

- We are the best mothers When we consider that we do not want to be that angry mother all the time, we analyze our attitude with the children, we constantly try and that is worth gold.

- It is better to be an angry mother worried about imparting discipline, setting rules, trying to get children to learn and be educated than a cool mother who just laughs and has fun but is not able to say NO, impose limits or deny anything to her children. It will be very funny, everything is a party with her, she is never angry and never scolds, but it is difficult for her to be disciplining.

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