What to do if your children catch you making love

What to do if your children catch you making love

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How many times have we tried to find the right moment to be intimate and it is almost impossible! We stay until the wee hours of the morning waiting for them to be sound asleep, and when the time finally comes, you fall asleep; you wake up two hours before the alarm goes off to finally have a moment alone with your partner, or you stay like two teenagers in unusual places in the house; and everything happens as quickly as possible, lest you get caught; That is if we do not end up declining our desires in the face of adversity.

But what happens if your children catch you making love with your partner? We explain how to act.

Our privacy is sacred and that is how our children should understand it. From a very young age, they must be taught that we must all have and respect the privacy of others and that, therefore, there are rules to follow, such as knocking on the door before entering or asking for permission; rules that we must also comply with, so forget about appearing by surprise in your child's room to surprise him in what he is doing.

The most important thing is to prevent, since the immature brain of children is not prepared to interpret the sexual acts of the parents correctly and pThey may misunderstand how to understand their sexuality in the future. But, how should we act if your children catch you making love?

1. Keep calm first, do not yell or make fuss that denotes violence towards the child, as this can cause the child to see sex as something negative and have repercussions in the long run.

2. Get dressed and find a time to talk to him. The issue should never be ignored, as the child may have perceived it as aggressive and does not dare to speak. It is better that he first tell us what he has seen and what he has felt in order to know his perception and not talk more than necessary. You have to explain, depending on their age, that it is normal for adults to caress each other to express their love for each other, which is beautiful but private, so the doors must be closed and you have to knock before entering.

3. They must be answered with all sincerity to the questions you ask us, but always without going too far into the subject, especially if the child is under 8 years old. The tone of voice should be understanding, friendly and flexible, never reproachful, since the normal thing is that the child has entered without knowing what he was going to find. Do not speak as if it is something dirty or taboo, but in a clear, concise and sweet way.

4. If he has only heard us, we must explain to him that when the elderly are together thus express the emotions they feel, but that is something nice and not aggressive.

And, next time, don't forget to close the door and put the lock, you and the rest of the family will appreciate it.

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