Summer camps for children

Summer camps for children

School holidays bring satisfaction, but also worries as many parents do not know what to do with their children during school holidays. When they are young, many families opt for daycare, a caregiver, and even the home of grandparents, uncles, or other relatives. But the older the children, the more difficult it is to satisfy them.

Their demands also grow and they need more activities. That is the time to opt for the so-called and known summer camps. But, before pointing to the parents, many questions arise: is it safe? Is our child ready? What care will the organizers take so that our offspring return safely?

There is no perfect camp. The best camp is the one that your child likes the most. Some children will be happier in small groups. Others will prefer large groups. Some children like routine, but others prefer new adventures every day. Some will choose athletic activities, while others will opt for manual activities. Before sending your child to a camp, talk to him, know his wishes, his tastes, and look for the best option that will be the one that best suits the expectations of your family and your son or daughter.

Before sending your child to camp, assess his personal situation, abilities, maturity, preferences and needs. If this will be his first experience away from home, and he will not be under the gaze of his parents, do your best to make him enjoy it and come back happy. The fear of sending you to these activities is normal. The news of accidents related to the camps are frequent. It is normal for parents to be wary of leaving their children in the hands of strangers, far from home, for one, two or three weeks.

But if it is any consolation, according to the experts, these activities contribute decisively to the maturation of the child, stimulate their autonomy and responsibility, strengthen their ties with the environment, help the child learn to live with other people, and help develop your social skills. If you have decided to send your child to a camp, it is better that you inform yourself as much as possible about the program of activities, the place, the facilities and the staff that will accompany them for the tranquility of all. If the choice has been well calculated and thought out, the camp will surely be a good children's experience.

Parents need a camp that's inexpensive and convenient, that offers a safe and educational environment, reliable, clean, and that is open when you need it. Children need camp to make friends, build personal relationships with trusted adults, develop hobbies and interests, redefine skills, and spend time playing and relaxing.

These are some of the requirements that a quality camp for children must meet:

1. Cleanliness, safety and comfort. All facilities must meet these requirements to ensure the well-being of children during their stay.

2. Operating licenses. Make sure you have all the permits and licenses in force.

3. Qualified staff. The tutors and monitors must be professionals with educational training and careful in dealing.

4. Variety of activities. Sports, playful and educational that complement children's school skills, and encourage them to make good decisions.

5. Philosophy of understanding. The camp's social groups form new social relationships, which must be based on respect and understanding for children.

6. Monitoring the program. The experience of previous years can help you to obtain references regarding the fulfillment of the program agreed with the parents.

7. Insurance. They are important when it comes to minors and concern the transfer, accommodation, activities and excursions, which will be developed during the child's stay.

8. Medical certificate. The camp management must also require a file on the child's health status, vaccination schedule, allergies or intolerances. If they are asthmatic, allergic, celiac, diabetic, or have sleep, behavior or eating problems.

9. Specification of the activity program. At least in camps for younger children, risk sports or those with a high degree of competitiveness should be avoided.

10. Personnel and health services. They must have a basic aid kit and knowledgeable personnel to attend to possible problems of bites, cuts, bumps, diarrhea, fevers, vomiting, colds, etc.

11. Specialized medical staff. To attend to any serious case of health that may occur, and that the camp site offers a quick exit, if necessary, to a hospital.

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