The tropical fish. Poem about emotions

The tropical fish. Poem about emotions

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Poems are an excellent vehicle for children to discover feelings or sensations. The tropical fish is an original poem about emotions.

Through the verses, the children will learn the story of a tropical fish that changes color depending on how it feels. Thus, children can learn the different emotions: joy, anger, shame ...

The tropical fish is a original poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría which helps children to identify different emotions.

Nothing in the sea

a tropical fish,

who lives in a nice

Coral reef.

It is of all colors

green, red, yellow,

and as the mood changes

a color is brighter.

When he is very angry

it starts to turn purple,

but if you are very nervous

the one that shines the most is red.

If you feel ashamed

it is orange.

If you start to fall in love

blue shines brighter.

If the fish is very happy

glows yellow instantly.

And if you are discouraged,

its color is silver.

If it feels interesting,

they all shine instantly,

but if you get scared,

white is left of disgust.

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