Free, kid-friendly videos on your TV. The Familyes App is here

Free, kid-friendly videos on your TV. The Familyes App is here

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Have you ever wondered where to find content that is suitable for children and the whole family? That both parents and their sons and daughters can enjoy it from their television? That you can stay calm while you go to the kitchen or the bathroom for a little while, and return to the living room without finding your child watching dangerous content or not suitable for his age? Now through the Familyes App, all that is possible.

You just have to download the new one Familyes App free for Apple Tv, Roku and Amazon Fire and enjoy from your television, all the content offered by Familyes, the leading company of content creators in Spanish. Thousands of hours of free videos suitable for children, among which you will find all the content we develop in

Familyes currently has 236 associates dedicated to the world of family. They are all creators of kid-friendly content. They are safe and varied videos for all members of the family, from the smallest to the oldest.

At Familyes they know that Smart TV is conquering homes around the world and that every day more content is consumed through Internet television. For this reason, it has developed a new App so that, even if you do not have a Smart TV, you can access hundreds of videos for the whole family through your television. Now you can enjoy together as a family all the content that Familyes has been offering on YouTube for years: drawings, songs, crafts, recipes, stories, experiments, ... and much more

You just have to turn on your Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire device, search for the Familyes App, download it and ... you have free access to thousands of videos! Hundreds of hours of entertainment for your children to dance, sing, learn languages, math, do magic, watch stories ...

Through the Familyes App you can connect and let your children watch the best content for the whole family on your television. All videos of are available in the App: our beloved Ragged Bear, tips for parents, crafts, stories, songs, educational content for children ...

All of them videos that your children can consume without fear of seeing inappropriate content. And it is that, our objective is, the entertainment of children of all ages and also, to be a help for parents when raising their children.

All the associates of Familyes produce multimedia products focused on entertaining and educating families. They are backed by the #isFamilyFriendly seal of guarantee.

This App has been the result of an arduous process in conjunction with these associates, who have been given technological and professional possibilities to distribute that great work they do every day.

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