Why it is good for children to keep a journal

Why it is good for children to keep a journal

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A diary is a book or notebook in which a person writes their experiences or thoughts day by day. Writing a journal means describing our feelings as they flow, without restrictions, writing and writing giving free rein to our emotions, our dreams and illusions without necessarily attending to grammar rules. Journaling can be therapy, On our site we tell you why it is good for children to write a diary.

Keeping a journal can be good therapy for children because it helps them discharge their emotions, both positive and negative, therefore, it can be very beneficial even for physical health. The act of writing, especially about worries and things that disturb us and that we do not want to tell anyone, will help us reduce mental stress because writing about our problems and bad experiences will make us meditate and bring us calm.

Encouraging children to write their journal can be very beneficial for them, it is the same to choose a lined notebook, blank, with colored sheets, with drawings, photographs, etc., yes, it is advisable that you have the sheets well glued that they are not released and lost over time and, if they like it, it will be the perfect journal.

The diary is a refuge as it is the place where children can freely express everything they want without pressure from the outside. We could say, without any doubt, that the newspaper can become your best friend, the one who knows how to listen and to whom they tell everything they feel without fear of being disappointed or betrayed.

Children can choose the time of day when they are calmer to write a few lines, well at night before going to sleep, in the middle of the afternoon, when it is best. It's a good idea to find a secret place to keep the diaryIn addition, it can be useful to put a small padlock, a rubber band, a tape or something that makes it seem, in case they find it, that it is something personal and should not be read by anyone.

Definitely, taking a few minutes a day to journal will help them learn about themselves and get to know each other, that is, to clarify the mind, in addition, it will serve to remember later how they behaved in certain situations and, to have a clearer mental structure, for that reason, putting the date will also be useful when time passes. Making it a routine can be something healthy and motivating every day.

I think journaling is write a book about our own life, with the good and the bad of our experiences, a book with the things that sometimes we do not know how to explain to ourselves and, written in time and with what each of us has had to live.

To finish I leave you a phrase: "Every day is a blank page where you can write your own story"

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