What children learn from children's stories

What children learn from children's stories

If we stop to think, the stories reflect life itself, they show us different facets of life: our coexistence with others, the possibility of choice, conflicting feelings and values ​​and the possibility of choosing.

They stimulate children's reflection, the child gets into the skin of the character and, as he advances in reading, learns to make his own decisions that are inspired by the more or less explicit moral of the story.

Undoubtedly, the widespread success of traditional stories is that they have a moral, a teaching that we can take from the narrative that, although on many occasions they are insubstantial or stereotyped teachings or values, on many occasions they are truly useful.

Stories are an inexhaustible resource available to parents and educators to train children in an effective and fun way. In stories, an infinity of values ​​can be promoted, there is almost a story for everything: love, commitment, generosity, loyalty, friendship, communication, effort, improvement, sincerity, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, tolerance and a very long etcetera.

Through the opposing values ​​presented by the stories, the child learns to choose which is the one that will be really useful to manage through life. Do you remember what happens to Pinocchio when he is disobedient, what happens to the pigs for being lazy and to Cinderella's stepsisters because they are capricious and ill-mannered?

All of them receive a punishment, not from the good character, who is good at all times, but from life. Guilt is the sole responsibility of the character who does not act correctly: actions have consequences. The child learns and assimilates through the stories the behaviors and attitudes that he makes his own because they have started from his own reflection, not from imposed lessons or thoughtless situations.

Reading stories favors the child's critical capacity, while stimulating their imagination and creativity when making decisions, facing difficult situations or resolving conflicts. The story makes the child identify with the main character, internalize his attitudes and behavior, and also helps him to be interested in reading and have a healthy and cheap leisure time.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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