Tricks of a writer to teach children to write stories

Tricks of a writer to teach children to write stories

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A story is a short narrative, oral or written, in which a fictional story is told with a small number of characters, an underdeveloped intrigue, and a rapid climax and final denouement.

Personally, I will tell you that I have read a lot throughout my life and, I believe that this has been fundamental when deciding to take this path, that of a writer of children's stories and a poet. Do you want to know some of my tricks for writing children's stories?

- Writing is a creative process that I enjoy and amuse me. I always carry a notebook and a pen to take notes because at any moment inspiration can come, (I think that is something common in all creatives).

- I talk to the childrenI pay attention to their words, their gestures and their occurrences, and that helps me understand a little what is inside those little heads.

- When I write children's stories I give free rein to my fantasy, I visualize each scene, just as I do when I write children's poetry, I get into the story in such a way that I live it from the inside, I know what each character feels and thinks because I get into their skin.

- To write a children's story, I devise a story, a situation and some characters and possibly along the way the characters will appear or change and new ideas will be born, in such a way that I enter a fantasy loop in which the imagination has no limit.

- Children are not stupid, they are children, that's why I always try to write with a simple language adapted to each age but without underestimating their abilities, something that seems fundamental to me. I believe that if I am able to convey my enthusiasm for what I do, it will be easier for them to reach them, and that if I tell them about something I believe in, it will be easier for them to believe it.

- When my children were little I used to make up some stories for them and, I remember, for example, having Little Red Riding Hoods of all colors, change the beginnings and endings of traditional tales and, tell you many more stories, than now, I am sorry I did not write down because I am unable to remember them.

- Read and reread, cross out, throw away, write again, all this is part of this creative process. Finally, it is essential spell check and choose a good title that has to do with our history.

In a story anything goes and that amazes me. Reality will always be there but, even if there is a part of reality, our imagination can fly unchecked and that is something extraordinary and very fun. After all, the best thing about a story is that you can dream, imagine, fly, Is there anything more beautiful than the word fantasy?

To end today I leave you one of my phrases: "Fantasy is not a story, but the story is fantasy."

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