My daughter is older and has a new bed. Let's see if he sleeps!

My daughter is older and has a new bed. Let's see if he sleeps!

A friend tells me that now, her two-year-old daughter, Sara, has a new bed. It is common when children reach this age that we, the parents, use this stage as a good excuse to move them from crib to bed. Many of us do it with the hope that the little one will go up a step further in the stages of his development, feeling that he is doing something "older", and that from now on he is no longer a baby and that therefore he should be more committed to falling asleep alone How to achieve it?

Many parents no longer know what to do to make their children sleep alone in their bed and in their room, and if possible all night. It would be too much to ask? They cheer them on anyway, saying "How old you are! You're not a baby anymore! Look what a nice grown-up bed!" o In such a bed you can only have beautiful dreams! There are parents who buy a nice new bed sheet, some sleep "companions" such as stuffed animals or dolls ... everything to see if their child cheers up and sleeps once and for all ... alone.

Changing a baby from the crib, and in some cases from the parents' bed, to the bed, seems simple, but those who have already gone through this experience, may not see it so simple. With my daughter, her father and I we have used many techniques. In the end we succeeded, although it was not easy. We bought her the bed, with its railing to prevent her from falling, a teddy bear to which we gave the name of dream, we even gave her a lamp that emitted images on the ceiling while quiet music played. In pajamas, also new, my daughter went to bed. Of course, she asked me to stay with her for a little while and I did. We talked a little, I told her a story, I put the lamp on her, she caught her "dream", I gave her many kisses, and after a while, she fell asleep. I went and breathed.

At this moment it seems that we forget to breathe ... Everything seemed to have worked until suddenly, when silence reigned in the home, from my bed I heard my daughter say: "Mom, come." Since I have never been an advocate of methods that force us to let children cry to sleep, I left. She told me that she was not sleepy, that she wanted me to be there with her. Well, I gave her a massage, a sweetheart and when she fell asleep, I went on tiptoe, and so on one and many nights.

This routine lasted a few weeks until one day I decided to make a deal with my daughter. That one night yes and another no, I would sleep with her. I bought her a daisy, we put it in a vase and told her that we would strip it together and that with each petal that we removed we would have to assume an order "I sleep alone" and "I do not sleep alone". Of course, I had already calculated that the last petal of the daisy would be "I sleep alone." Well, my daughter, who has always been so determined, took it to the letter.

This is how she, little by little, got used to sleeping in her bed, alone. Don't ask me why, but the fact is that with that we have hit the nail on the head! And it has not been necessary to strip more than one daisy.

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