When mom works at home

When mom works at home

Have you ever tried working from home with your kids around? Carrying out household chores is already complicated when you have children, so much so that putting a simple washing machine becomes an odyssey because you want to go to the bathroom, then you fall down and you have to attend to, then you are thirsty and so on in a loop until finally we can complete the task. All those mothers who also work from home because they are self-employed, have blogs on the Internet or do telework, therefore have great merit.

Lately I write a lot from home and ... mysteries of humanity ... every time I take out the computer my oldest son appears because he also wants to write. How to deny it when it has so many advantages for him now that he is of school age! I take a deep breath, stop writing for a while, and help him with his story.

Working from home can be a great advantage for many mothers who do not have someone to take care of their children or cannot afford the expense of a nursery school, however, it also involves a great effort because children demand almost constant attention. How to do it?

- Saving time
There is no choice but to work with thousands of interruptions or take advantage of children's naps, at night when they sleep peacefully in bed or get up a few hours before dawn.

- Asking for help
If the grandparents have time they could take the children out for walks while you stay home working. You can also turn to a neighbor or friend who has children of the same age so that she can go to her house to play.

- Keeping the kids busy
Putting children in front of the television for a while is not going to make you a bad mother, you can put a movie that they like a lot. They can also paint, make a construction or a craft.

Be that as it may, working from home with the children around is not an easy task but neither is it impossible, today thousands of mothers around the world can do it, why not you?

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