Origami ideas to give for Father's Day

Origami ideas to give for Father's Day

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In We propose you a very original gift for dad for Father's Day. It is a cheap gift and made with a lot of love, since it is the children who can make it.

It's about creating figurines with paper, following the technique of origami, a Japanese art with which we can make beautiful figures by folding a piece of paper.

We suggest that you hide an affectionate message in a fold of the paper so that dad can find it.

Origami shirts. Are you looking for a craft to give to dad for Father's Day? On our site we propose you to make an original, different and very easy to create gift. These are paper shirts made according to the art of origami or origami.

Origami tie. On our site we teach you how to make a paper tie in an easy and fun way. It will be ideal in a children's costume or for the child to play at being a dad.

Origami bow tie. On our site we teach you how to make an original bow tie, an origami craft that will allow the child to create a complement for a children's costume. It is an ideal activity to enhance children's concentration and motor coordination.

Origami desk organizer. Desk organizer made of paper. Origami or origami craft for children. Children can have their own desk organizer very easily and cheaply. On our site we teach you how to do it, following the origami technique.

Surprise origami box. We teach you how to make a beautiful paper box, where you can keep all your secrets. Learn the origami technique in a simple way.

Origami lantern. On our site we teach you how to make paper lanterns of different colors and shapes. It is a very entertaining origami craft that enhances the development of the child's fine motor skills.

Origami heart. Video tutorial to learn to teach step by step to make a paper heart. Follow this simple video tutorial on our site step by step to learn how to make paper figures to play and enjoy making crafts with children. Discover the benefits of origami or origami for children.

Origami glasses. Paper glasses with the origami or origami technique. On our site we teach you how to make some original and fun glasses or paper lenses. It is a very simple origami craft to make and that will help the child to improve his fine motor skills.

Origami star. Origami is an art through which children mold a blank sheet. Something so simple is very beneficial for them because it helps them improve their concentration and motor coordination. Teach them to make a modular star out of paper, an easy origami for children

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