My son does not want to drink water, how to hydrate him?

My son does not want to drink water, how to hydrate him?

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Water is one of the main components of the human body, 70% of our body per se, as well as 85% of the brain are water, which makes this liquid an essential component for the proper functioning of the body.

Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping our little ones hydrated, we sometimes encounter a terrible refusal to drink water at all. If it is a baby fed on demand, whether with breast milk or artificial milk, we must trust their ability to hydrate through it, and it may not be necessary to insist on its intake. However, when it comes to an older child, we find a problem that we must solve, in an attempt to get them into the habit of drinking, can it be replaced by other drinks?

Correct hydration favors concentration and brain performance, in addition to helping to regulate body temperature. In addition, water carries nutrients to cells and plays important roles in the digestion of food, so its importance is beyond doubt.

The water should start to offered once complementary feeding is started to breastfed infants, and it may be offered to formula-fed infants in the hottest months of the year, especially if symptoms of constipation are observed.

- Juices: Originally, coming from the fruit, they contain part of their vitamins and minerals, but they lose all the fiber, making the sugar more important. The commercials should be avoided, and the natural ones made at home, it is not advisable to consume them on a regular basis, but they can be an occasional alternative to increase water consumption and to get children used to drinking. They could be mixed with water to get better hydration.

- Carbonated drinks: They are part, along with candies or sweets, of what we call "empty calories", since they do not provide anything other than sugars - or their light versions sweeteners - and should not be consumed. Very occasionally, there could be the occasion, parties or birthdays, in which to consume these drinks, avoiding caffeinated ones, but never as a substitute for water.

- Infusions: If sugar is not added and if they do not have added sugar in their composition, and if we are talking about fruit or herbal infusions that do not contain caffeine or theine, their consumption is acceptable.

It is important to boost water intake in the same way that the intake of fruits and vegetables is promoted, not as an alternative, but as the only option that is consistent with a healthy and balanced diet. Also, the water It is the only drink that meets the body's fluid needs without adding extra calories, important to create correct eating habits and avoid obesity from childhood.

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