Why chicken broth is good for a cold

Why chicken broth is good for a cold

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Chicken broth is the faithful ally of grandmothers and mothers to improve the mood of our body when faced with a cold. But, What makes it so healthy and effective?

In situations of colds or seasonal flu, this dish offers interesting natural medicinal and therapeutic properties, according to numerous scientific studies.

It is not known whether it is the efficacy of any of its components or the sum of all of them. What has been confirmed is that its fundamental ingredients: chicken, onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, salt, pepper or parsley, provide multiple benefits for our health:

1- Offer a anti-inflammatory action that helps to combat the discomfort that we suffer in situations of colds or flu, especially in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

2- It also contributes to keep mucous membranes moist for the liquid intake we make by taking a chicken soup.

3- Provides through its ingredients iron and zinc, which are of great help to combat the discomfort of our body since it strengthens our immune system.

4- According to some studies it also contributes to lower blood pressure.

5- The chicken broth according to other studies, can improve the function of the cilia (the tiny hairs on our noses) that prevent viruses from entering the body.

6- Taking chicken broth is easy digestedn, so even if we don't have an appetite, taking it gives us energy and protects our stomach.

7- Decreases joint pain and general malaise.

8- Help To fall asleep, often arduous task complicated by the breathing difficulties, coughs or pain that cause both colds and the flu.

9- Chicken soup also favors expulsion of secretions and the phlegm generated in catarrhal processes.

10- Taking it warm, the chicken soup also provides a pleasant feeling of well-beingr.

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