Would your son go with a stranger?

Would your son go with a stranger?

Surely you remember your mother or father when you were little asking you that you will not leave his side in a public place or giving you advice on never talking to strangers and, of course, never going with them. You may have been overwhelmed by so much parental protection then, but now that you're a mom or dad, do you think the same?

Joey Salads is an American who has made a sociological experiment with children in various playgrounds. He asked the mothers for permission to approach their children and see if they would go with him despite not knowing him.

The experiment in the form of a video has gone around the world and it has given all parents the creeps, what do you think children do?

In this video all the mothers told Joey Salads that they used to warn their children never to go with strangers, all claimed to be sure that their children would not go with him, they were all wrong.

Parents are truly terrified of this type of event and, unfortunately, they happen. There are not few cases of children who are kidnapped or kidnapped from parks or shopping centers for this reason, it is our job to educate the child so that from a very young age he knows how to act, and it is a constant and very firm work against which we must not give up, but how?

- Remind you very frequently that you should never talk to strangersEven if it makes him look rude. Nor should you accept gifts from strangers, much less go with them.

- The kidnappers could use certain tricks such as telling him that he is on your side or that he has something incredible to teach him. Warn the child against all kinds of tricks they could use and make it clear that you would never send a stranger to look for him.

- Never lose sight of your son, the carelessness of the parents are taken advantage of by this type of people.

- Warn your child to scream if someone tries to take him away and thus alert whoever is around.

- Never let go of your son's hand In public places.

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Video: Will Our Kids Open The Door For A Stranger?. stranger danger for children (January 2022).