Five Times Table Trick for Kids

Five Times Table Trick for Kids

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Math can be fun. It all depends on how they are learned. How about you use a trick with the multiplication table of the number five? Although it is a very simple board, children will surely like this trick. Also, it can be used with any number that you multiply by the number five.

1. First, write down the table of five without the results.

2. Now, let's look at in the even numbers that are multiplied by five, such as 5x2, 5x4, 5x6, 5x8, and 5x10. We calculate half the even number that we multiply by five. The result will be the first number of our result. And the second number of the result? It will always be 0.

3. For odd numbers (5x1, 5x3, 5x5, 5x7, 5x9), one is subtracted from the odd number that we multiply by 5, and we calculate its half. That will be the first digit of the result. And the second number? In the odd, it will always be 5.

4. The most interesting thing about this trick is that works with any number you multiply by 5. For example ... 5x 1200 As 1200 is an even number, we apply the trick of calculating its half, which is 600. The number 600 is the first digit ... and the second, a 0 ... so the result will be 6000. Magic!

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